Hi! My name is Tia.

I am a freelance writer, blogger, content creator and social media maven.

I live on a high desert in beautiful Idaho; with my handsome prince and two charming boys. I love books, coffee, crochet and cupcakes.

I was born a storyteller, live with my head in the clouds, and I’ll die with a pen in my hands. Or possibly a cupcake. Follow my blog, where I tell my story and share useful bits and pieces.

My Services

Writing, Blogging

You need outstanding content for your site or blog. I'd be tickled pink to be your freelance writer, blogger or ghost writer and create high quality content for your business brand. I’ve been creating content for clients in various industries for five+ years. I also develop blog content and share-worthy web copy and have been for about four years. I’ll get to know you and your brand so that I may create content that thrills your prospective clients and target audience. I’ll use an authentic voice to write relevant content or ghost-write copy to support SEO tactics and marketing strategies. My customer service philosophy - It’s all about you!

Editing, Proofreading

Before you send that email, publish that document or post that article ask yourself: Is this content accurate, error-free and grammatically accurate? Is this content clear, coherent and articulate? Does this content convey an appropriate tone and consistent style? If you cannot answer yes to every question, or just don’t want to, it is worth your time and money to hire a second pair of eyes. Mine are very good. Website content needs to grab the visitor’s attention. But if your blog or site’s copy is filled with little errors here and there, it may spoil the experience. Please, let me help you look amazing and correct.

Social Media

Some people go gaga for social media…and some don’t. If you fall in the middle or just don’t have the time to execute an effective social media platform, you need a manager, or maven, like me to help you administer your social media mayhem. I’m happy to help you in a variety of ways: I can get you started with a little training and off you go! Or I can take the reins, create Tweetables and images, and drive your fans and followers down the trail toward your brand or business. Or maybe you just crave a little consulting and some strategy – no problem! I can do that too.

Other Services

So maybe you don’t need awesome blog content, amazing editing or astounding social media management. Luckily I’ve got a few other skills. I’ve been writing for a long time. I just age well. I’ve written fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction and opinion pieces. I’ve designed brochures, guides, tutorials and resumes. I write ebooks, newsletters, press releases, reviews and biographies. I’ve crafted letters, promotional copy, manuals, flyers and other business documents. I have not climbed any tall mountains. But I’d love to help you solve your next writing dilemma. Writing doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need the right writer on your team!

I'd love to connect with you! I'm on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Or visit my site to work with me!


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